Star Trek: Klingon Empire

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Star Trek: Klingon Empire
A Burning House (2008).jpg
Cover of A Burning House (2008)

  • A Good Day to Die (2003)
  • Honor Bound (2003)
  • Enemy Territory (2005)
  • A Burning House (2008)

AuthorKeith DeCandido
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
PublisherPocket Books
Media typePrint (Paperback)
No. of books4

Star Trek: Klingon Empire is series of interlinked Klingon-centric Star Trek novels written by Keith DeCandido. The series was published by Pocket Books from 2003 to 2008.

Originally published as Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon.


Following positive reaction to his novel Diplomatic Implausibility (2001), DeCandido was curious if there was sufficient interest in a Klingon-centric series.[1] In Voyages of Imagination (2009) by Jeff Ayers, DeCandido said "Pocket Books … was willing to take a chance." He had "already set it up" in Diplomatic Implausibility and The Brave and the Bold, Book 2 (2002), so he "took it forward" with two novels.[1] A third novel followed in 2005.

In 2008, the series was relaunched as Klingon Empire. The scope of A Burning House was expanded beyond the crew aboard the Gorkon. No new novels have been published.

Members of Gorkon crew appear in the Destiny (2008) miniseries, by David Mack, and in A Singular Destiny (2008), by DeCandido.


The IKS Gorkon is a Qang-class, or Chancellor-class, war cruiser named for Chancellor Gorkon first introduced in The Undiscovered Country (1991). The cruiser is 500 m (1,600 ft) in length, and carries a complement of over 2,000 crew. When launched, the Gorkon, was among the first of the Qang-class cruisers in service.

A Good Day to Die (2003) begins sometime after Chancellor Martok ordered the Gorkon to the Kavrot Sector—an unexplored region of space—with the objective of finding new planets to conquer for the glory of the Empire.

Captain Klag, captain of the Gorkon, was introduced in The Next Generation episode "A Matter of Honor".


I.K.S. Gorkon (2003–2005)[edit]

No. Title Author Date ISBN
1 A Good Day to Die Keith DeCandido October 28, 2003 0-7434-5714-5
2 Honor Bound November 25, 2003 0-7434-5716-1
3 Enemy Territory March 1, 2005 1-4165-0014-6

Klingon Empire (2008)[edit]

Title Author Date ISBN
A Burning House Keith DeCandido January 29, 2008 978-1-4165-5647-3

Short fiction[edit]

Captain Klag's history was the subject of three short stories, with one set in the Mirror Universe. All were written by Keith DeCandido.

Work Collection Editor(s) Date ISBN
"A Song Well Sung" Tales of the Dominion War Keith DeCandido August 3, 2004 0-7434-9171-8
"loDnI‘pu‘ vavpu‘ je" Tales from the Captain's Table June 14, 2005 1-4165-0520-2
"Family Maters" Shards and Shadows
  (Mirror Universe)
Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark January 6, 2009 978-1-4165-5850-7

Related novels[edit]

Novels that contain links to the series. The Gorkon and her crew were introduced in Diplomatic Implausibility (2003).

Title Author Date ISBN
Diplomatic Implausibility
  (The Next Generation, Book 61)
Keith DeCandido January 30, 2001 0-671-78554-0
The Brave and the Bold, Book 2 November 26, 2002 0-7434-1923-5
Articles of the Federation May 24, 2005 1-4165-0015-4
Gods of Night
  (Destiny, Book 1)
David Mack September 30, 2008 978-1-4165-5171-3
Mere Mortals
  (Destiny, Book 2)
October 28, 2008 978-1-4165-5172-0
Lost Souls
  (Destiny, Book 3)
November 25, 2008 978-1-4165-5175-1
A Singular Destiny Keith DeCandido January 27, 2009 978-1-4165-9495-6

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