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This page is satire and does not represent any official or unofficial Wikipedia policy, past or present.

Extreme article inclusion is an extreme sport in Wikipedia. The goal is to increase the number of articles in Wikipedia as much as possible, by creating articles on obscure topics and foiling the deletion of AfD candidates, no matter how inventive and original the deletion attempts are.

Points are awarded to each player for the reasons they give to justify article inclusion. Standard arguments include "Wikipedia is not paper," "give it time to grow," "valid stub," "if it's POV, then why didn't you rewrite it," "fiction is valid," and "popularity is not notability"; every deletion proposal countered with these reasons earns one point.

Points are also awarded for creating articles, where the number of points awarded is inversely proportional to the number of people who are already interested in the article's topic. Additional points are given for saving articles that have been claimed to be irreparable, or when the article is included despite proof that the article should be deleted under current policy. If an article is merged instead of included, only ½ a point is awarded.

Extreme article inclusion has been in progress since 2004 on the English Wikipedia.

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